The second phase of the "Internship to Entrepreneurship Journey" is the Internship training.

During one-week training in Kathmandu, participants can enhance their performance and work skills by receiving training on various topics from experts, free of charge.

The one-week program and training schedule will be as follows:

Day Program
Day 1 Participants selected from 7 provinces and 77 districts will be welcomed in Kathmandu. Participants will be introduced to each other. A detailed introduction to the Internship to Entrepreneurship program will be given. Finally, there will be a meet and greet and a photo session with well-known invited personalities from Nepal.
Day 2 Training on Internship Performance Management and Digital Marketing will take place. Training on Personality, Communication, and Leadership Development will also be provided.
Day 3 Training on Photography will take place
Day 4 Training on Digital Marketing and Marketing Management will be provided. There will also be additional training on photography.
Day 5 Training on Software & Website Photography and Digital Marketing will be conducted. Training will also be provided on Performance & Marketing Management, and Competition Plan & Procedure.
Day6 Audition, Examination and Physical Interview will take place.
Day 7 There will be an Entertainment and Farewell Program.