About Us

Espot club allows our members to live their life to the fullest with easy access to services by bridging a pool between our beloved members and partners. We create Members, Partners, and Leaders with the purpose of "Make Life and Business better" by improvising various prospects like, Power, Platform, Perspective and People. ". We give Nepalese people and businesses the power to improvise themselves providing a platform of growth and development.

 We aspire to evolve as a globally renowned club by establishing connection between our members, leaders and partners dispersed across the globe by playing the role of mediator and "Make life and businesses better".


1.    To create Members, Partners, and Leaders with the purpose of "Make Life better" by improvising various prospects of life like, Power, Platform, Perspective and People and collecting specified membership, partnership, and leadership fees annually.

2.    To establish connection between members, partners and leaders in such a way that Partners provides various offers, gift vouchers, discounts and other facilities to our members and leaders, meanwhile providing  various promotion and growth opportunities to our partners , by playing the role of mediator and ensure each of them are benefited mutually as well.

3.    To provide various trainings, seminars, workshops and many more to our members, partners and leaders to expand their knowledge and develop various skills and hire interns, staffs, and freelancers for different projects of the company, members, leaders and partners.

4.    Entrepreneurship: 
a)    Developing successful entrepreneurs in each VDCs and Municipalities of Nepal by identifying, selecting, training and guiding them.
b)    With proper guidance, direction and management of resources helping the entrepreneurs excel in national and international platform.
c)    Launching a reality show in relation with entrepreneurship and broadcasting it in different social sites like television, YouTube and many more.

5.    Marketing and advertising the projects and schemes of Members, leaders and Partners at various physical and digital platforms as per their need. It includes all activities concerned with marketing and advertisement like developing ads, managing ads, public relation management, personal selling and so on. Furthermore, company can create its own reality show to share its information and motivate and support its members, partners and leaders.

6.    Organizing and managing various social, corporate and recreational events as per the need of members, leaders and partners and establishing various clubs like sports club, cultural club so on and organize events related to these clubs at national and international platform. 

7.    Providing hybrid scholarship which is the combination of internship and scholarship to our members, leaders and partners by acting as a mediator between educational institutes and members, leaders and partners.

8.    Providing / selling various packages of products and services to its members, partners and leaders throughout the nation as well as internationally as per their need. These packages may be self-developed or facilitated by other organization.

9.    Establishing its franchise throughout the globe and promote Nepal internationally and attract foreign direct investors to invest in the projects of its members, partners and leaders and tourists for the promotion of tourism in Nepal.