E-Spot Club Partnership

To uplift and enhance your individual or institutional business through the implementation of advanced modern systems, and to expand your business nationally and internationally, register your company in this partnership registration and collaborate with E-Spot Club.

Registration Form

After registering as Partners, these business entities will be named as E-Spot Club Partners.

Mission and Vision

  • 1.E-Spot club aims to implement advanced modern systems and management as required in the business of its partners.
  • 2. E-Spot Club provides up-to-date information on the promotion, sales distribution, events, news, special discounts, special gifts and monthly prizes of its Partners through
  • 3. The E-Spot Club intends to guide its partners to solve problems encountered in business operations, address challenges, improve the quality of existing products or services, create new products or services as well increase market management, cut unwanted costs, increase profits, and achieve continuous success in business operations.
  • 4. Along with assisting in customer growth, the E-Spot Club also aims to provide appropriate advice to expand branches and sub-branches of the business in the future and establish a Franchise Model.
  • 5. E-Spot Club acts as a bridge to develop mutual trade and business through reconciliation and agreement between its partners.

E-Spot Nepal Partnership

E-Spot Nepal, a leading institution in the field of immigration consulting for the past 25 years, invites individuals or institutions interested in becoming a partner to register for “E-Spot Nepal Partnership’.

Benefits of E-Spot Nepal Partnership:

  • 1.You will receive training, consultation, support, encouragement, goodwill, and guidance from E-Spot Nepal.
  • 2. Institutions planning to start new businesses will be provided with technical assistance and advice, enabling them to establish their businesses with less risk, cost, and time.
  • 3. For already established businesses, advanced modern systems and management will be implemented, enhancing customer service and business growth.
  • 4. The promotion of businesses, including their name and location, will be done through various national-level advertisements.
  • 5. The main service of E-Spot Nepal is providing immigration consultation for countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc.
  • 6. Advising on various types of visas for the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries.
  • 7. Consultation for EDV 2025, taking photos, photo editing, and filing out the DS- 5501 in your area.
  • 8. Additionally, they will also receive all the benefits and conveniences available to E-Spot Club Partners.

Partnership Registration Process

  • Interested and eligible individuals or institutions can apply for the E-Spot Club or E-Spot Nepal Partnership. ‘Click here’ to fill up all the required information.
  • 2. First, the applicant must fill up basic information. After this, a verification code will be sent to your mobile via SMS. Enter this verification code to proceed with the sign-up process.
  • 3. The applicant should provide further personal and company details.
  • 4. The applicant needs to upload their citizenship or passport certificate, company registration certificate, and the company's VAT or PAN Number.
  • 5. The complete details of the applicant will be verified by the E-spot Club Admin Department.
  • 6. Information regarding the acceptance or rejection of your application will be updated on your profile and will also be sent to your email.
  • 7. If your application is accepted, detailed information about the next steps will be available on your profile and will also be sent to your email.
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