Participate in an Internship Program from any place in 7 provinces and 77 districts within the nation, at your own convenience to achieved working experience, increase public relation, earn a attractive Dashain allowance and to make your future bright and successful.

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This internship program is divided into the following 6 phases.

First Phase

Free Registration

Second Phase

Free Internship Training

Third Phase

Paid Internship

Internship Mission and Vision

The aim of E-Spot Club is to help participants develop meaningful, practical, and professional experience related to their core study subject or respective professional field. This is accomplished through an internship period. Our goal is for participants to leverage these experiences and skills to achieve success in their professional life.

Internship training provided by E-Spot Club provides real work life experience, knowledge, skills and advice to the dedicated participants. This creates opportunities for interns to work practically by enhancing intern's career development with deep understanding, effective communication skills and strong problem solving abilities.

The knowledge and skills learned from E-Spot Club Internship Program can foster the development of competent employers and entrepreneurs in the chosen field in the future.

Benefits of the Internship Program:

The benefits of an internship program are as follows:

Free internship training in Kathmandu.

Gain good work experience.

Chance to utilize free time productively.

Earn good income according to the work.

Procedure to Participate in Internship Program:

  1. If you are interested and eligible, please apply by clicking ‘Click Here’ and fill in all your complete information.
  2. First, the applicant must fill in general information. Then, a verification code will be sent to your mobile SMS. Please enter this Verification Code to proceed with the sign-up process.
  3. The applicant should fill up additional personal details.
  4. The applicant should upload a photo taken within the last six months, proof of citizenship or passport, and educational qualification certificates.
  5. The entire details of the applicant will be checked by the HR Department of the E-Spot Club.
  6. Information on whether your application has been accepted or not will be sent to your email.
  7. Applicants whose applications have been accepted will be interviewed over the phone.
  8. Applicants who are successful in the interview will be sent an invitation card by email for a week of free training to be held in Kathmandu.
  9. The applicant must appear in Kathmandu on the specified date, time, and place mentioned in the invitation. Absence of an applicant may result in disqualification.

Internship Program Date

This free internship training will be conducted from 25th August, 2023 and the paid internship will be from 10th September to 30th October 2023 for a total of 50 days.

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